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We strive for the best possible bloodlines, best care, and best training available. We believe in proven Colombian Paso Fino training methodologies. We are different in that we desensitize our horses by exposing them to many different experiences. Having a smaller herd allows us to work with the new born foals to imprint them when necessary. We are involved in local clinics and individual classes with well known Paso Fino clinicians. We compete at local, national, and international shows and are building a good track record. Our goals are to have a small Paso Fino herd of the best possible qualities and to delight our customers in all aspects of their horse ownership.

Our Paso Fino herd name is "de La Loma" which means "of the hill" named after our hilly property.

Use the individual links for details on our mares, fillies, colts, and geldings. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.




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